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Upcoming art show July 2013 Uncultivated Ground: Paintings from a Common Edge

landing 42x40 oil on canvas Megan Dulcie Dill

PAINTINGS FROM A COMMON EDGE – Savary Island, BC – July 20, 2013

Three Powell River painters find commonality in their use of landscape as a starting point. Their paintings depict a direct response to their ”end of the road” setting—vast and foreboding yet richly textured. Their work will be on display on Savary Island, BC from July 19-21 2013 at Pascal’s Hacienda 1 block from Rigger’s at Vancouver Blvd and Brian’s Way.

Rick Cepella, Megan Dulcie Dill and Barbara Langmaid share a commitment to pushing the boundaries of their respective practices. A process enriched by one another’s support and input; witness to each other’s exploration of going where it is difficult. While all three draw from the environment in which they have landed, each approaches the view from different angles .

Cepella worked as a biological surveyor gathering data in the field which has had a significant influence on his work. His walk is remote and wild as he tramps through the local mountains searching for images to push the paint with.

In her recent work Dill paints the westcoast landscape from above conjuring mythical worlds with dissolving images and epic views. Although rooted in distinct locations the paintings challenge the obvious through fluid abstract shapes layered with energetic brushwork.

Langmaid’s paintings reflect an increasingly chaotic and complex world encroaching upon a landscape pristine and removed. The visual language of debris and decay provides an opportunity for painterly interpretation.

Come and enjoy the paintings, eclectic architecture and Pascal’s stained glass! Paintings will be on display from Friday to Sunday and reception Saturday July 20 at 3-5 pm with music and refreshments. See you there!