Hi Everyone! I am new to blogging so it will take me a few weeks to be up and running.   Here is an example of one of my new Salmon Cycle paintings – it is to go on auction in Vancouver to raise funds for the Pacific Salmon Foundation.  It is made with bits of collaged patterned rice paper, acrylic and oil paint with carved areas throughout.  I carve right into the wood and then seal it up after the painting is complete.  Here is a blurb about my work and painting process…

 My art is about finding balance between random spontaneity and controlled, thoughtful actions.  In my paintings I strive to find a place where these two dichotomies meet equally.

The process I use is to create depth through the application of thin layers of transparent paint followed by specific areas of thick dramatic paint.  Following the paint application I start carving and rubbing into the surface; reworking the painting until the result is a luminous, balanced place of dark and light, colour and areas of frenzied mark making as well as meditative, resting pools of paint. The panels are often littered with bits of oil, wax, plaster, scratches, globs and grit, leaving traces of the process and imperfections within each painting.

The results of this process are paintings which have a perception of moving lines, shifting spaces and disappearing and emerging forms.  I choose subjects which interest me in this way.

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