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Upcoming PR events:

Dec 1, 5-7 opening reception, Future Forest, art centre/Powell River

Dec 2, 12-5 open house, Future Forest, art centre/Powell River

Dec 8, open studio/Academy of Music/Powell River



This summer we played, made masks, explored and filmed with many families in the area on a new art project. I was truly inspired by the cool, lush and always changing forest and our interactions in it. I am just finishing up 11 new paintings based on these experiences.


This should be an interesting artist talk with excerpts from her compositions in the newly established (but unfinished) art centre in Powell River. The following day will be immersion in the environment with a sound walk and workshop. Thanks to Claudia, Donna and Karen for helping with the event as well as support from the arts organizations. Listen to Hildegard on CBC’s Ideas HW poster 11x17




15 Cedar wrap


1. salal.JPG


Caitlin Ffrench is a textile artist working in East Vancouver (unceded Coast Salish Territories).  She regularly teaches workshops in different applications of textile arts and natural dyes, is a knitwear designer, and tries to spend as much time as she can outside.

Caitlin received a BFA from the University of British Columbia (Okanagan) and she attended the Kootenay School of the Arts for their textile program.

“I spend a lot of time running around the woods collecting things to dye with. I believe that clothing security is just as important as food security- and that we can find brilliance in even the hardest things. I make most of my own clothing (partially because of my beliefs in clothing security, and partially because i’m 6 feet tall- and finding clothes that fit is hard). I also weave, spin, felt, do surface design (screen print, eco printing), knit, crochet, dye, wildcraft, dance poorly, sing even more poorly, and ride bikes.”

Thanks to PR Arts Council, MAS, FibreSpace Ecouture Wearable Fashion Team, Academy of Music for sponsorship.

FREE ARTIST TALK is AT 7pm Friday Nov 4, MDD Studio